Green Fitchburg


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Sustainability Framework
Two city organizations are responsible for green initiatives
 Resource Conservation Commission
The RCC recommends policy, enforcement, and informational programs to promote the preservation and improvement of the environment. The RCC has made recommendations for meeting the Kyoto Protocol, and has suggestions for how individuals can reduce their carbon footprint. The RCC has a Community Outreach Subcommittee that plans educational programs for Fitchburg residents and businesses. Videos of RCC Outreach events are available in the “Other City Meetings and Events” section of the FACTv Streaming Media Archive.
Green Fitchburg

Staff Green Team
The Staff Green Team meets every other month to discuss, plan and implement sustainability initiatives that can be incorporated into the city’s daily operating procedures.


Fitchburg has taken additional steps towards a greener community and has installed solar panels at City Hall and also at the Public Works Maintenance Facility.  The City of Fitchburg Public Library and the West Fire Station are also partially heated/cooled by a geothermal heating and cooling system.  Staff are encouraged to participate in the City's bike commuter challenge and take other forms of alternative transportation.

For more information regarding various Green Fitchburg related issues, please contact Ellen Geisler (, Sustainability Specialist at 608-270-4274

Green and Sustainability and Resources in the Fitchburg Area