Engineering & Construction

The Engineering Division plans capital projects and prepares construction plans for road maintenance, transportation improvementssanitary and storm sewer projects, and water facilities and distribution systems. We provide construction supervision and inspection services on these projects. The Division reviews plans for new subdivision developments and capital improvement projects throughout the city. Engineering also reviews site plans for commercial developments.

Recently Completed Projects

Projects Under Construction

Current Projects

McKee Road Reconstruction

Future Projects

  • Crack and Chip Sealing
  • 1st Addition to Quarry Vista
  • Fahey Development
  • 1st Addition to North Park
  • Ninebark Extension
  • Inspiration Pointe
  • Pike Drive Extension
  • Stoner Prairie plat
  • Well 12

Projects Key
  • (B) - Biking
  • (P) - Pedestrian
  • (D) - Wisconsin Department of Transportation administered project
  • (T) - Transit related improvements