Water Tower

The City of Fitchburg is dedicated to providing a high quality, safe, and reliable supply of water to over 6,725 customers and maintaining adequate flow and storage of water for fire protection services.

The Fitchburg Utility District is a self-financing entity owned by the City of Fitchburg and regulated by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WI DNR).

For questions or concerns regarding your water quality, pressure, usage, billing, etc. please call 608-270-4270.


Fitchburg's Water Infrastructure

The City of Fitchburg's Water Supply and Distribution System includes the operation and maintenance of 110 miles of water mains, six wells, three elevated storage tanks, one ground reservoir, and one booster station. This infrastructure provides the city with a total pumping capacity of 6,000 gallons per minute, elevated storage capacity of 1.75 million gallons, ground water storage capacity of 500,000 gallons and transfer capacity of 1,300 gallons per minute between pressure zones.

The Water Utility repairs breaks in water main and maintains the city wells, water towers, fire hydrants, and water main lines.