Fire Department Recruitment

Job Classifications

& Openings

The Fitchburg Fire department has three classifications of Firefighters:
  • Career, full-time
  • Part-time (Paid On-Call Firefighters)
  • Fire Science Intern, part-time

Career Firefighter 
No recruitment at this time - please visit the Employment Categories if you would like to receive an email notification when we have an opening.  

Employment Categories

Paid On-Call Firefighters

No previous experience or training is needed (Fitchburg residents only); only the willingness to make the commitment to learn and serve. Firefighters in this category train with their full-time counterparts and fill a vital role in the department.  Depending on geographic area you may respond to a pager when additional staff are needed and/or fill open shifts on a crew.

Fire Science Intern

This two-year program is for individuals that have been accepted into the Madison College Fire Science Program. Applications are accepted in March of each year, with the new class of Interns beginning in June. View information about the internship.

Applications are only accepted when openings exist.  Please visit our jobs page for a list of current openings.