Tips - Reuse

Macquarium Reusing materials is the best way to recycle. Donating reusable items can also save you money in several ways. The donations may be tax deductible, and you will not have to pay to have the items hauled away as refuse.

Donation Centers

There are numerous thrift stores in the area which deal in items such as used books, music, videos, computer software, clothing, housewares, sporting goods, furniture, etc. These stores accept donations of these items from the public for reuse (nonprofits such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent de Paul). There are also for-profit stores such as Half Price Books, Frugal Muse, and Play it Again Sports that will often buy your used items. Check your phone book for the store locations nearest you.

Reusable building supplies can be donated to St. Vincent de Paul’s Dig & Save Outlet or Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. These stores accept building supplies in usable condition such as: doors, lumber, hardware, electrical supplies and fixtures, plumbing supplies and fixtures, cabinets, and counter tops. If you have any questions about the acceptability of an item for donation please call the Dig & Save Outlet at 608-250-6370 or the ReStore at 608-661-2813.


FreeCycle is an e-mail network that connects individuals looking to get rid of items with individuals or charities that could benefit from these goods. Freecycle is the place to find a home for your unwanted (but still usable!) furniture, clothing, building materials, computers, and all those other things that clutter our basements and garages. The only rule is that all items must be free.