Fitchburg is a Bike-Friendly Community

The City of Fitchburg is proud to have been designated a Bicycle-Friendly Community by the League of American Cyclists, in recognition of its bike-centric approach to planning and construction, extensive network of bike trails and paths, and the community's strong culture of cycling. Fitchburg is one of 20 bicycle-friendly communities throughout the state of Wisconsin, and the city's bike network connects riders to numerous bicycle-friendly universities and businesses in Fitchburg and the surrounding area.

Join the Fitchburg Sustainability Bike Tour

This May 22, as part of National Bike Month, Bike Fitchburg and City of Fitchburg staff will lead a tour of some of the sustainability initiatives across Fitchburg. Grab your bike and a helmet, and come to City Hall on Saturday the 22nd where, beginning at 1pm, you can get some outdoor exercise and learn about things such as municipal solar projects (and residential solar opportunities), city stormwater management, urban green space, and alternative transportation options that all play a role in city sustainability considerations.

Registration for the event is required; follow the link below to register.

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---Fitchburg Bike Trail Closures and Detours---

Please do not move barriers, bike through active construction zones, or ignore signage and traffic signals.

Bike Path on the south side of McKee Rd from Commerce Park Drive to Seminole Highway will be closed for repairs. Please see contact information and schedule below. Bike Path Map Here

  • Tuesday, April 27th 
    • Close path and set up path detour signs
    • Close eastbound McKee outside lane from Commerce to Seminole
    • Close southbound Seminole outside lane from McKee to Seminole Centre Ct
    • Crew scheduled to mill asphalt path
  • Wednesday, April 28th 
    • Evaluate milled path condition
  • Thursday, April 29th 
    • Crew scheduled to pave path
  • Monday, May 3rd 
    • Crew scheduled to restore topsoil and seed along path
  • Tuesday, May 4th 
    • Re-open path & eastbound McKee lane closure

City of Madison: Callaway, Renee

City of Fitchburg Bicycle Committee:

Madison Bikes:; 

Bombay Bicycle Club:

Capital Off Road Pathfinders:

2021 N Fish Hatchery Rd Reconstruction

North Fish Hatchery Rd will undergo continuing reconstruction in 2021, completing the project begun in 2020 by extending street improvements from Traceway Dr to Brendan Ave just south of McKee Rd.

The Capital City Trail (CCT) bridge over Fish Hatchery Rd will be closed for part of the summer as a result of this reconstruction, and both CCT and Fish Hatchery bicycle traffic will be rerouted to accommodate the construction. The Public Works Engineering & Construction page has numerous links to information on this overall reconstruction project, as well as two maps indicating bicycle detours, one a cleaner map and the second indicating detour sign locations as well.

Bicycle Roundabout closed for 2021

Beginning in December 2020, the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District is undertaking a year-long Nine Springs Valley Interceptor project that will require temporary closures of the bike roundabout and several connected trail segments. Beginning 12/7/2020, the bike roundabout will be closed, as well as the Military Ridge State Trail south to McKee Rd and the Cannonball Path east along the Dawley Conservancy. See the following map for recommended detour routes along the Capital City Trail and Badger State Trail.

NSVI Project Trail closure

In 2021, the intersection of McCoy Rd and Cty Hwy MM (Rimrock Rd) will undergo reconstruction that will impact the Capital City Trail. Specific bike network impacts and recommended detours will be posted as plans are developed.

The online Dane County bike-route maps linked below can also be useful in helping you plan out alternate routes during construction. See the information below for complete details.

Please do not move barriers, bike through active construction zones, or ignore signage and traffic signals.

Badger State Trail bridge now open

Construction continues along McKee Rd in Fitchburg, but the region’s newest bicycle network feature is now officially open! The Badger State Trail, closed between the Bike Roundabout and Sub-Zero Parkway for much of 2020, was re-opened on September 30th featuring a new overpass bridge above McKee Rd. The new bridge, stretching 121 feet and crossing McKee Rd just a half-mile east of the Military Ridge State Trail bridge, was constructed by Wheeler Structures and is now Fitchburg’s third major bicycle bridge, along with the Military Ridge overpass and another bridge taking Capital City Trail users over Fish Hatchery Rd. near Hatchery Hill. This new bridge replaces a flashing beacon that cyclists and pedestrians previously relied on to indicate their presence to oncoming vehicular traffic, enhancing safety by reducing interactions between vehicles on McKee Rd and non-vehicular traffic on this major state trail.

BST new bridge Opens in new window

Maps, Plans, and Additional Information

Fitchburg maintains a large network of paved paths, paved shoulders, bike lanes, and designated bike routes to support biking as an integral transportation mode within and throughout the city.

Fitchburg Bike Map

In April 2010, a Fitchburg bike map was developed, and updated in 2013 and 2019, as a collaborative effort between the City of Fitchburg and the Fitchburg Chamber of Commerce. It is pocket-size and chock-full of valuable information to enhance your biking experience in Fitchburg! Hard copies of the map are available at City Hall and the Fitchburg Chamber office.

Online Bike Maps

The "paved paths" and Fitchburg bike map linked above are static maps, created in 2015 and 2019, respectively. For the most up-to-date representation of bicycle infrastructure in Fitchburg and the surrounding areas, see the following online maps maintained by Fitchburg, Madison, and Dane County staff:

Fitchburg Family Fun Bike Rides

Want to find some fun bike rides for your family to enjoy in Fitchburg? Click on the I Love to Bike Family Fun Map to discover 4 recommended bike rides that your family will love! This brochure was produced a
s a collaboration between the Healthy Kids Collaborative, Pacific Cycle, and the Wisconsin Bike Federation to get families excited about biking in their community! Check out this cool resource and get your family pumped about being active and excited to explore a variety of bike rides throughout the City! The bike rides vary in length and complexity, so pick the one that is perfect for you and your family!

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The current 2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan was adopted in March 2017 as an update to the 2008 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The Primary goals of the Bike and Pedestrian Plan are to:

  • Expand options for walking and biking in Fitchburg
  • Connect bicycle and pedestrian facilities to local and regional facilities and neighboring communities
  • Improve networks and intersections to increase safety and comfort for all users
  • Invest in bicycle and pedestrian amenities and enhancements
  • Engage with residents, businesses, employers, and city employees to educate, promote and encourage biking and walking in Fitchburg
The plan development included substantial public involvement consisting of multiple public meetings, surveys, wiki maps, and outreach through various local events. The final document is a great resource to identify opportunities for bicycle and pedestrian facility improvements throughout the City.

Road Construction and Impacts on Bicycle Network
The Capital City Trail (CCT) resurfacing is completed for 2020, and all sections of the CCT are now open (with the exception of the bike roundabout; see the NVSI project details above). The CCT in Fitchburg will undergo final rework planning in 2021 to address drainage and surface pavement concerns, with further details to be released in 2021. See the Dane County Parks website for more information on this project.

The first phase of Fish Hatchery Road reconstruction is complete, with the road completed from Greenway Cross south to Traceway Drive. A new multi-use path extends along the completed stretch of road, granting pedestrians and cyclists a safer route along Fish Hatchery Road. This multi-use path will be completed next year along with the final stages of Fish Hatchery Rd reconstruction from Traceway Dr south to Brendan Ave.

For a full listing of streets projects that are underway, visit Engineering & Construction page. Alternate routes for bike-related closures can be found using the online map linked above, as well as the following resources from the Madison Area Transportation Planning Board:

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs)

What is an RRFB?

A Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon, or RRFB, is a pedestrian-activated warning device that consists of yellow LED rectangular flashing lights that draw attention to the crossing and provide information to approaching traffic that a bicyclist or pedestrian is trying to cross the street.  Once the RRFB is activated, the rectangular-shaped beacons will begin to flash in an alternating, irregular pattern that is similar to emergency flashers on police vehicles.

What are the safety benefits of an RRFB?

RRFBs are low-cost safety improvements that have been proven to enhance pedestrian safety at uncontrolled, mid-block crosswalk locations.  The t
op three benefits of an RRFB are:

1. Improved "yield to pedestrian" compliance from motorists,
2. Increased visibility and awareness of pedestrians and bicyclists who wish to cross the street, and
3. Clearly communicates with approaching motorists that there may be someone in the marked crosswalk when the beacons are flashing, reducing the threat of a rear-end crash for motorists who are yielding to a path user.

Learn more about RRFBs


Quarry Ridge Mountain Bike Trail emergency markers

The Quarry Ridge Mountain Bike Trail is an excellent location for getting outside, enjoying some fresh air and exercise, and improving your single-track riding whether you're just getting started or have more advanced skills. Activity on the trail has increased with more people looking to get outside during the pandemic, so Fitchburg Parks and Public Works staff have placed new emergency location markers around the trails. The markers are geotagged for faster location identification in an emergency; if you have need to contact any emergency assistance while at Quarry Ridge, look for one of the new markers to more quickly relay your position.

Quarry Ridge emergency marker 1 Quarry Ridge emergency marker 2 Quarry Ridge emergency marker 3