The city maintains a large network of pedestrian transportation facilities including paved paths, sidewalks, pedestrian refuge islands, handicap ramps, and crosswalk markings.

The city is committed to improving conditions for walking as a transportation mode. The 2008 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan includes several recommendations for improving the pedestrian transportation network. The Pedestrian Recommendation Map provides an overview of the projects that are included in the plan. Improvements to the walking network are currently underway, please go to the Engineering and Construction page for more information.

Damaged Sidewalk or Curb & Gutter
The City of Fitchburg has a replacement program to assist property owners with repairing cracked, faulted, and damaged sidewalk or curb and gutter. To qualify, the city must determine that the sidewalk or curb and gutter are hazardous. Property owners which have sidewalk and curb and gutter replacements will be billed for half the cost.

As funding allows, residents may request the replacement of sidewalk or curb and gutter.