Schumann Greenway Restoration and McKee Farms NW Pond Enlargement

This project consisted of regarding approximately 1,200 feet of the Schumann Greenway storm water swale from Richardson Street east into McKee Farms Park. The McKee Farms NW Pond enlargement included enlarging the pond from ~1/2 acre in surface area to ~1 acre, greatly increasing the water quality improvement that the pond previously provided. Both projects together included removal of ~10,000 cubic yards of soil which also improved the water quantity/flood control for the northern portion of McKee Farms Park. The work was completed by Badgerland Excavating.

Lacy Heights Pond Retrofit

​This project consisted of retrofitting the previous dry pond in Lacy Heights with a new wet pond and large bioretention facility. The project received grant funding from DNR ($10,520), Dane County, and Yahara WINs.

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