Community Gardens

What is a community garden?

A community garden is a form of urban agriculture, where a relatively small area of land is managed and maintained by a government unit, non-profit organization, or neighborhood group for gardening purposes. Citizens garden individual plots and grow fruits, vegetables, or ornamental plants for their own use, or donation to community organizations such as food pantries. 

Why should I consider community gardening?

Community gardens provide various benefits, including social interaction and community-building, and promoting healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Does the City of Fitchburg offer land for community gardens?

The City of Fitchburg has launched its first community garden on public park space, at Swan Creek Park, 5175 E. Cheryl Parkway, Fitchburg. Please see the below link for application. SWAN CREEK PARK GARDEN IS FULL FOR 2020. PLEASE CHECK BACK IN MARCH 2021 FOR AVAILABILITY FOR THE 2021 SEASON.

2020 City of Fitchburg Community Garden Application - Swan Creek Park


The Gardens Network

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Phone: 608.270.4258