Cheryl Drive Stormwater Project

Cheryl Drive has experienced flash flooding near the intersection of Cheryl and Charleston Drive. Water can get high enough to enter vehicles driving through the intersection. The City has also received reports that the water has removed mulch from trees planted within the right-of-way. There are two main objectives for this project. Task 1 is to conduct a feasibility study to determine options to improve flash flooding near the intersection of Cheryl Drive and Charleston Drive. As part of this task, cost estimates will be developed for each option. Task 2 is to develop a new backyard drainage program which would allow residents to apply for assistance resolving private backyard drainage problems. Only certain projects would be eligible, and there would be an application process to apply for assistance. If approved by Council, this would be a City-wide program. 

Video recordings of past public meetings, as well as slides that were shared at those meetings, are available below:

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