Financial Incentives for Being Green

In addition to decreasing your ecological footprint, reducing your contribution to climate change-inducing emissions, and often improving your home's liveability, there are many financial incentives to making your home more eco-friendly.

Fitchburg Rebates and Incentives

The City of Fitchburg offers rebates and incentives for saving water at your property:

  • If you replace an older, water-intensive toilet with a high-efficiency model, you can receive a $100 rebate from the City. Find out more at
  • Fitchburg offers a Stormwater Utility Credit for single-family, multifamily, and nonresidential properties. By acting and pledging to take actions that conserve water, such as installing rain barrels, planting rain gardens, and installing pervious pavement, you can receive regular credits on your stormwater utility bill. Find out more at

Focus on Energy

Since 2011, Wisconsin's state energy efficiency rebate program has provided over $1 billion in economic benefits to the state, in the form of direct rebates, lower energy bills, avoided costs of building new power plants and transmission lines, and non-energy benefits (e.g. decreased health impacts from pollutants generated by burning fossil fuels). All told, the 22-year old program (as of 2023) has provided over $730 million in rebates to over 2.8 million Wisconsin residents and businesses, making it ones of the nation's greatest energy efficiency success stories!

Focus on Energy rebates are available to homeowners and renters, businesses, churches and schools, and local government; and can be found for everything from air sealing and insulation, to HVAC and water heating equipment, to renewable energy systems, to lighting and more. Check out the catalogs of potential rebates at

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Inflation Reduction Act

Passed in 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act is one of the largest investments in clean energy in our country's history. Tax credits and rebates are available for a variety of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other projects. Sign up for updates, or see details on potential savings, at