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UW-Madison’s Bachelors in Landscape Architecture Capstone Project

The City of Fitchburg is excited to announce a collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Bachelors in Landscape Architecture program for an innovative and transformative capstone project in Uptown Fitchburg.  This partnership promises to bring fresh perspectives and creative solutions to enhance the community and its public spaces.   See study area map at this link or click in the map below.  

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Bachelors in Landscape Architecture program is renowned for its dedication to design excellence and sustainable urban development.  The capstone project in Uptown Fitchburg provides a student with a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge and creativity to design a new downtown for the city.    

The project will focus on: 

  • Downtown Development:  Uptown Fitchburg is poised to become the heart of the city.  The capstone project will explore innovative approaches to develop a dynamic mixed use downtown district, with a commitment to inclusivity, affordability, and accessibility.   
  • Community Engagement:  The planning process will actively involve Fitchburg’s residents, businesses, and stakeholders. 
  • Sustainability & Equity: The project will prioritize sustainable design principles, seeking to minimize environmental impact and ensuring that the benefits of development are distributed equitably throughout the community.  Avante Uptown Fitchburg 2022 Opens in new window

City officials are excited about the potential for this partnership to yield innovative solutions for the development of Fitchburg’s new downtown.  This project is not only an academic exercise but a genuine investment in the future of Fitchburg and its new downtown, Uptown Fitchburg.

The capstone project is expected to culminate in early Spring 2024 with a public presentation of the designs and recommendations.  The City of Fitchburg encourages community members to stay engaged and provide input as this exciting initiative progresses.  

Previous Meetings:

Steering Committee #1 and Open House on November 2, 2023 - Exercise Documents

Additional Information:

Uptown Fitchburg Capstone Application

For additional information please contact, Deanna Schmidt, deanna.schmidt@fitchburgwi.gov