Tender 1 & 2

Status: Front line mobile water supply companies Maintenance designations: Tenders 08A & Engine 08B

Built and delivered in 2008 by United States Tanker (Delavan, WI), purchased directly through their factory representatives Joe Lee and JR Lee.

Cab & Chassis
  • 2009 Kenworth T-300
  • Paccar PX-8, 330hp diesel engine
  • Allison 3000EVS transmission
  • NFPA-compliant Code 3 warning light package
  • Federal EQ-2B electronic siren & air horns
  • Code 3 ArrowStik LED traffic direction light
  • LED tank level indicators: left, rear, right
Body, Tank, & Discharge Chutes
  • Stainless steel body
  • 2011 gal UPF poly water tank
  • Air operated discharge chutes, left and right (operable from cab or rear of truck)
  • Electric valve discharge chute, rear (operable from rear of truck)
Pump & Hoselines
  • Darley HM series 350gpm PTO pump
  • Hannay reel with 100' of 1" rubber hose
  • Preconnected 100' 1¾" hose
  • Final version of the specification released to vendors for bidding

  • Two 2100 gal folding water tanks
  • Hydrant setup box
  • 4" and 2½" hose for fill site setup
  • 6" suction hose for use as a jet siphon (low level and inline jet siphon adapters are carried)
  • Fire brooms and swatters mounted behind folding water tanks
  • ABC and water/foam fire extinguishers
  • Ground tarps
  • Traffic cones