Prevention and Education

Welcome to the public education section of the Fitchburg Fire Department’s website. There are many different aspects to public education. Although we may not cover them all at the moment, we will strive to provide you with the best, most accurate and up to date information possible. We are confident that these pages will reinforce what you already know, and will bring new thoughts and safety ideas to you and your family.

Education is Important
Education is extremely important to the Fitchburg Fire Department because through education we prevent fires, tragedies, and save lives. We take public education very seriously and feel that it is just as important for an adult as it is for a child. Our public education division is very involved with the businesses in the community, with the schools, and other community groups.

Education Suggestions
It is our hope that we have all of the information that you are looking for. If we do not, please let us know so we may assist you in finding the information. We are very interested in what you, our community, would like to know about fire safety and the types of programs that you would like to see offered to the community. 
  1. Burn Permit Regulations

    Burn Permit Regulations

    Apply for a burn permit.

  2. Car Seat Checks

    Car Seat Checks

    Car seat safety checks are provided by Safe Kids Madison Area. Appointments are required and can be scheduled by calling 608-890-8999.

  3. Educational Programs

    Educational Programs

    Learn about fire education programs in your area.

  4. Fire Code

    Fire Code

    Read fire code information before starting construction.

  5. Fire Safety

    Fire Safety

    Learn all about fire safety.

  1. Firehouse Tours / Firefighter Visits

    Firehouse Tours / Firefighter Visits

    Schedule a tour of a fire station or have the Fitchburg Fire Department bring a fire education presentation to you.

  2. Inspection


    Research fire inspection information.

  3. Kids Corner

    Kids Corner

    Check out fire education activities and programs for kids.

  4. Plan Review

    Plan Review

    Learn about fire prevention through the use of city codes and building requirements designed to prevent fires from starting.