Tree Planting Guide

Planting a tree?

This guide provides resources to point you in the right direction. Careful species selection, location choice, and planting can reduce the likelihood that the tree will be affected by disease, extremes of moisture, inappropriate exposure to sunlight, and physical damage. That means . . . more tree enjoyment for you! Healthy trees require less maintenance, add value to your property, and can save you money in the long run.

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Not sure what kind of tree to plant? No fear!
This urban tree guide is a list of trees that might be a good fit for you and your property.

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This tree planting guide from UW-Extension illustrates how to plant your tree and gives tips for what not to do once your tree is in the ground.

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This guide provides a list of potentially hazardous and invasive plant species to avoid.

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This guide provides suggestions for site preparation, tips for where to plant your trees, and information on how to maintain them.

Icon Link - New Tree Illustrations

This guide illustrates how to plant new trees. It also offers important considerations for tree planting, including information about where to plant and hardiness zones within Wisconsin.

Icon Link - Tree Owners Manual

This is the ultimate guide for all tree-owners! Developed by the US Department of Agriculture, this manual covers everything from tree-planting instructions to tree maintenance to tree removal.

Icon Link - Tree Care videos

This comprehensive guide for tree care is curated by the Arbor Day Foundation. It provides guidance for tree selection, placement, and contains videos for how to plant your new tree. 

Tree planting can involve a little more than digging a hole in the ground! The illustration below provides a few considerations for your planting endeavors: 

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