Common Council

Fitchburg is governed by a mayor and eight Common Council members. The city has four districts and each district has two Council Representatives. The mayor and council serve two-year terms. The mayor and council oversee city departments which are managed by a city administrator who is appointed by the mayor and approved by the Common Council. 

Aaron Richardson, Mayor, (608) 270-4215 

Dorothy Krause, Alder District 1, (608) 271-7532

Anne Scott, Alder District 1, (608) 271-4813

Julia Arata-Fratta, Alder District 2, (608) 698-6256

Daniel Bahr, Alder District 2, (608) 225-3020

Sarah Schroeder, Alder District 3, (608) 279-5966

Shannon Strassman, Alder District 3, (312) 671-4709

Tom Clauder, Alder District 4, (608) 276-9109

Janell Rice, Alder District 4, (608) 577-9993


Aldermanic Districts & Wards Map
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