Staying Safe & Informed

  1. Annual Report

    Our annual report provides an overview of our activities in 2016. Read the report here.

  2. Crime Prevention

    Find out about how you can help prevent crime in the city.

  3. Crime Victim Resources

    View important resources for victims.

  4. Emergency Alerts

    In emergency situations timely information is vital. Learn how you can sign up for notifications.

  5. Laws and Ordinances

    View City ordinances, state laws and DNR regulations.

  6. Parking

    View Parking Ordinances.

  1. Police Call Map

    View a map of police calls and reported crimes in Fitchburg.

  2. Press Releases

    View the most recent press releases from the department.

  3. Safety Information

    View important safety information.

  4. Dementia Resources

  5. Social Media