Tai Chi - Instructor Khiang


My taiji journey started in 1990 when I was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy. An elderly gentleman from China visiting his son taught me Yang Style Taijiquan and qigong to stay healthy while undergoing those harsh treatments. In 1995, I saw Chen Style Taijiquan for the first time. Little did I know that I will be practicing Chen style Taijiquan for the rest of my life.

Through a series of fortunate introductions, I have studied Chen Style Taijiquan with Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang, Grandmaster Chen Xiao Xing, Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei. These gentlemen are direct descendants of the originator of Taijiquan. I have also studied with their disciples, Master Ren Guang Yi, Master Chen Bing, Master Chen Zhi Qiang and Master Chen Hui Xian. I consider all of them my teachers (老师 lao3 shi1) because it is through them that my understanding of Chen Style Taijiquan has grown deeper with each interaction, advancing my understanding of Chen style taijiquan.

While my repertoire includes 8 sets of empty hand forms and 3 sets of weapons forms, I continue to be a student seeking to learn new sets when opportunity arises.