Can I have a business in my home?
The Fitchburg Zoning Ordinance allows for some household occupations with the following standards:

- The activity must be clearly secondary and incidental to residential use.

- The activity must not significant alter the residential character of the dwelling unit, dwelling structure or the parcel.

- The activity must not unreasonably interfere with residential occupancy of other parcels in the neighborhood.

- The activity must not create environmental, safety or health hazards such as noise, light, odors, vibrations, electrical emissions, or other fire or safety hazards that are noticeably out of character with those produced by normal residential occupancy.

- Traffic generated by the vocational activity may not exceed that which is customary to residential occupancies in the neighborhood.

- Signage for the vocational activity will be governed by the sign ordinance.

- The parcel and structure must contain adequate area to accommodate the vocational activity without interfering with residential occupancy of other parcels in the neighborhood.

- Garage sales as a type of vocational activity are allowable in all residential districts provided that not more than two are held on a single premises per year and that each such sale shall not exceed four days in duration.

- Day care is allowable as a vocational activity on a residential premises. Conditional use approval will be required, however, if Wis. Stats. 66.1017 apply.

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