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  1. Digital Library Help Request

    Used to submit requests for assistance with Overdrive eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, video, as well as subscription sites like... More…

  2. Library Program Evaluation

    Provide feedback to the library after attending one of its programs or events.

  3. Outerlibrary Loan Request

    Form is used by Fitchburg library patrons to request books, videos, music, and other items from libraries outside of the South Central... More…

  4. Reader's Advisory

    Not sure what to read next? Submit a few books and/or authors you have liked in the past and our librarians will provide you with some... More…

  1. General Feedback

    Use this form to submit general comments or suggestions to the library.

  2. Online Library Card Application / Solicitud en línea para tarjeta de biblioteca
  3. Purchase Request

    Use this form to request that the library purchase a specific item.

  4. What Are You Reading?

    Kids can use this form to submit their favorite reads to the library, to be featured on the Kids pages.