Emergency Alerts

​City of Fitchburg Emergency Alerts

In emergency situations timely information is vital. You need to know how situations may impact you or your family and what precautions to take before, during and after an emergency. To provide you with the proper information you want and need the City of Fitchburg utilizes the Alert Center located on the city website. Anyone can view current alerts for public safety, weather, traffic and utility emergencies in the Alert Center.  Current alerts in the City will be prominently displayed at the top of the website. Users can also select to receive alerts in any of the categories and have them delivered via-email or text message.

City of Fitchburg Emergency Alert Center

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​Dane County Emergency Alerts

City of Fitchburg Public Safety officials work closely with the Dane County Office of Emergency Management and Dane County Emergency Communications Center during major emergencies. Large scale public safety emergencies or weather emergencies occurring within Dane County may also have an impact on you or your family.

The Dane County Office of Emergency Management allows residents to sign-up to receive selected emergency notifications in a variety of methods.

Dane County Emergency Alerts

Dane County Disaster Assistance Voluntary Registry

The Dane County Disaster Assistance Voluntary Registry has been developed in an effort to identify individuals who cannot safely evacuate their homes in the event of a disaster. Registration does not guarantee any particular emergency services during a disaster. It will however enhance the ability of emergency management and local officials to meet the emergency needs of the community.

You might want to apply to be on the Disaster Preparedness Registry if you or someone you care for would:

  • Need outside help to safely leave your home during a disaster
  • Be in jeopardy if you had to stay in your home for three days, without assistance
  • Need special notification about the need for evacuation, due to impairment
Find out more about the registry below:

The Dane County Disaster Assistance Voluntary Registry