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City of Fitchburg Municipal Ordinances

​City of Fitchburg Municipal Ordinances

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City of Fitchburg Municipal Ordinances

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The following ordinances are some of the most common ordinances handled by the Police Department. Click the orange link to be taken directly to the specified section. Please note ordinances posted through MuniCode are updated twice a year. Ordinances listed through MuniCode may not necessarily reflect newly adopted ordinances or amended ordinances.

All ordinances related to animals: Animal Ordinances
Note the following change related to the Animal Ordinances:

Chapter 56 Article IV. Animal Care and Control Section 56-74(1) is amended to read:
(1) Run at large. Run or be at large upon any street, alley or public place in the city or on property other than that of the owner or keeper except in the following areas:

(a) City Dog Park
(b) Public hunting grounds 

General offenses include al state laws adopted as ordinances:  General Offenses

Nuisances includes ordinances regarding noise as well as other conditions affecting quality of life:  Nuisances

All offenses related to minors including curfew: Offenses Related to Minors

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