The majority of work done by the Finance Department is “invisible” but without which the City could not properly function.  The Finance Department is charged with making sure payroll, and all the associated employer related payments, are ready for employees and authorities as required;  insures that the bills incurred are paid efficiently, with proper documentation and distribution; and that receipts collected are deposited and recorded appropriately.  In addition, the utility accounting department is responsible for the billing and collection of over 6,500 Utility bills on a quarterly basis, with special projects as needed.

Regarding the Monthly Treasurer Reports and 
Interim Financial Statements

The monthly treasurer reports presented to the Finance Committee and posted on the City’s website are based on the interim financial records as of the time the report was created.  Several accounting closing procedures are not completed until the end of the year and thus are not included in the interim reports.  These monthly, interim reports are not updated for information known or recorded subsequent to the creation of the interim reports.

The City’s annual audit report ( Annual Comprehensive Financial Report) is available on the website at the following link: