1000 Books Before Kindergarten


Welcome to 1,000 Books before Kindergarten!

This program is designed to help children get ready for one of life’s biggest adventures: starting school. Research shows that children get ready to read many years before they begin their formal education. One of the best ways to encourage learning is to spend time sharing books together each day. As you read together, your child will gain skills that will prepare them for lifelong learning.

Can I really expect to read 1,000 books to my child before kindergarten?

Certainly! Completion can take anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending how often you read.

Child’s age when 1,000
Books before Kindergarten
is started
 Number of book read per week to
complete 1,000 Books
before Kindergarten 

 Birth  4
 One  5
 Two  7
 Three  10
 Four  20

How It Works:

  •  This free program is designed for families with children birth through the age of 6. This program has no end date except for when your child enters school. Enjoy the experience and try not to rush. Take every opportunity to read, sing, play and talk with your child. Exposing them to a wide variety of stories will give them an even greater advantage, including the chance to hear many new words and concepts.
  • Begin your 1,000 Books before Kindergarten journey by signing up for the program at the Fitchburg Public Library Youth Services Desk. You will receive a special folder to help keep track of your books. You may also sign up and complete the program online using Beanstack

  • Color a dinosaur foot print for each book you read. Anytime your child listens to an entire book, it counts! You can even count multiple readings of the same book.

  • When you finish 100 books, bring your folder back to the library and receive a prize! At this point, you will add more reading logs to your folder to help track your next 100 books. You can get more reading logs at the Youth Services Desk or you can print them from the Library website.

  • After you finish reading 1,000 books, drop in to the library to celebrate by receiving a prize and recognition for your amazing accomplishment. Remember, the best prize of all is a great jump start on success in school!

 Lose your reading log? Download and print a

new one here!