Stormwater Utility

Fitchburg's Stormwater Utility was established in 2002 (Chapter 40, Article V) to provide consistent funding for meeting the City's stormwater management responsibilities. The Stormwater Utility's mission is to provide quality stormwater services to the residents of the City of Fitchburg in a manner which protects human health, environmental health and property, and emphasizes sound management of fiscal and natural resources. Some of the Stormwater Utility's main responsibilities are outlined in the plan below:

The billing rates are determined by the property's location in the Urban or Rural service area. Single family homes in the Urban Service Area are billed $25.82 per quarter, which equates to $103.28 per year. A single family home in the Rural Service Area is billed $62.76 annually. The higher fee for homes in the Urban Service Area reflects the higher level of stormwater services provided. A rate study was completed in 2019 and can be viewed at the link below:

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System - MS4 permit requirements from the WI DNR; stormwater facility and structure inspection and maintenance, regular sweeping/cleaning of urban streets, and retrofits of existing stormwater infrastructure.  Stormwater services in the Rural Service Area include: mowing of rural roadway ditches up top twice per year, cleaning and replacement of culverts under City roads, and cleaning out existing ditches when necessary to achieve proper drainage (if possible based on natural topography of the area).


Property owners who implement on-site stormwater management practices like rain gardens, infiltration systems, rain barrels, and pervious alternatives to pavement can receive a reduction on their stormwater utility bills by filling out the Stormwater Utility Credit Application Form or the Fitchburg Creek Supporter Pledge Form.