Valley View Pond

ValleyViewThe City of Fitchburg applied to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for an Urban Non-Point Source and Stormwater (UNPS & SW) Planning Grant on May 2, 2011 for the construction of the Valley View Detention Pond. WDNR notified Fitchburg on February 10, 2012 that the grant was successful and that Fitchburg was eligible for grant funding for the January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2013 time period. The pond itself is part of a larger City of Fitchburg Post / Index Road extension project. The Valley View Retention Pond is located at the northwest corner of the newly constructed intersection of Post and Index Roads.

Project Geography
This project consisted of the construction of a proposed Wet Detention Pond southeast of the Valley View Apartments along Fish Hatchery Road. This area was developed in the 1970's prior to stormwater detention being required. Stormwater runoff from the Valley View Apartments drained directly onto downstream private property with no previous means of improving water quality or controlling water quantity. Severe erosion and sedimentation occurred on the private property downstream of the Valley View Apartments.

Project Goals
Under this project, the City of Fitchburg Stormwater Utility purchased surplus lands acquired for the proposed Post Road extension from the City of Fitchburg General Fund and grade a wet detention pond on this property. This pond was designed to control Total Suspended Solids to more than a 40% removal efficiency and to control peak discharges to predevelopment rates. The former invasive plant species (honeysuckle, buckthorn, reed canary grass, dames rocket, and garlic mustard, etc.) were removed and replaced with native vegetation following the final grading of the wet detention pond.

Progress Reports