McKee Road Reconstruction

Public Information Meeting - Open House

When: Thursday October 3, 2019 from 6:30-8:00
Where:  Stark Realty
             Conference Room
             2980 Arapaho Dr. (Corner of Seminole Highway/McKee Road - Access from Pineway Trail)
             Fitchburg, WI 53719

Final Plans Submitted

​Final plans and specifications have been submitted to the Department of Transportation for bid letting in February 2020.  Construction is anticipated to start in March 2020 and be completed in early October 2020.

Final-Plans_55-62_Erosion-Control; Final-Plans_63-67_Storm-Sewer-Removals;
Final-Plans_104-114-Lighting-Plan; Final-Plans_115-129-Temporary-Traffic-Signals;
Final-Plans_130-145-Traffic-Signals; Final-Plans_146-213-Traffic-Control;
Final-Plans_214-215-Alignment-Details; Final-Plans_216-Control-Points;
Final-Plans_217-246-Miscellaneous-Quantities; Final-Plans_247-250-TPP;
Final-Plans_251-271_Plan-and-Profiles; Final-Plans_272-318_Sign-Details;
Final-Plans_319-329_B-13-866; Final-Plans_330-333_R-13-330;
Final-Plans_334-337_R-13-331; Final-Plans_338-343_R-13-332;
Final-Plans_344-349_R-13-333; Final-Plans_350-354_Earthwork-Data-Tables;

90% Plan Update
Based upon the feedback from the public informational meeting, the design team has been progressing towards a final plan submittal in August 2019.​  Below are links to the 90% plans and are grouped to smaller file sizes for quicker downloads.

McKee 1, McKee 2, McKee 3, McKee 4, McKee 5, McKee 6, McKee 7, McKee 8, McKee 9, McKee 10

Public Informational Meeting #2 Scheduled for November 19 at 7:00 PM

The City of Fitchburg will be host a second public informational meeting on the project at City Hall in the City Council Chambers.  Based on the selected alternative and public input, the project has continued to engineer towards those goals and standards.  One significant change that has occurred since the last public meeting is changing from a proposed tunnel under McKee Road, to an elevated bridge over the road to provide the separated crossing for the Badger State Trail.  Please take a moment to stop by and get an update and provide input.

Resolution R-203-17, Approving a Typical Section for the McKee Road Reconstruction Project from Commerce Park Drive east to Seminole Highway 

Resolution R-203-17 has been introduced to select the preferred typical section for the McKee Road reconstruction project. The Resolution, as prepared by staff, recommends Alternative C as the proposed typical section. Alternative C is the typical section that includes buffered, on-street bike lanes, an off-road bike path on the south side, and sidewalk on the north side. This typical section offers premium on- and off- bicycle accommodations and maintains separation between vehicles and bikes and between bikes and pedestrians. There has also been public support for the Alternative C typical section. This resolution will be referred out for recommendation to various boards, committees, and commissions following the schedule below: 

  • Board of Public Works - Monday, Dec. 4
  • Transportation and Transit Commission - Thursday, Dec. 7
  • Finance Committee - Tuesday, Dec. 12
  • Council Action - Tuesday, Dec. 12
To view the Resolution and the memo to council, click here, and you will be redirected to the Agendas and Minutes page of the City's website. From that page, you can click on the packet for any of the meetings listed above to view the Resolution documents. These meetings are open to the public and anyone can attend to provide their input or opinion on the typical section alternatives. 

Typical Section Alternatives

There were 3 typical section alternatives presented at the 9/20 Public Involvement Meeting. After collecting input and comments from the public, a fourth typical section alternative was developed. In an effort to select a preferred typical section for the McKee Road corridor, between Commerce Park Drive and Seminole Highway, a report was prepared to compare the various alternatives. The report recommends Alternative C as the preferred typical section within the next 3 weeks.

  • McKee Road Typical Section Alternatives Report

September 20, 2017 Public Involvement Meeting



The City held its first Public Information Meeting for the McKee Road Reconstruction project on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. The City would like to collect input on the conceptual typical sections that were presented at the meeting. Please submit a written comment by Wednesday October 4, 2017 to ensure that your input is recorded. Comment forms and information that was presented at the meeting can be found at the links below:

Project Background

The City of Fitchburg has received a Federal STP-Urban grant to reconstruct 3,200 feet of McKee Road from Commerce Park Drive east to Seminole Highway.

Location Map

The reconstruction of McKee Road has been listed in the Capital Improvement Program for several years and the City has submitted, and received, a grant to assist with the cost of reconstruction for this 4-lane divided highway. The federal grant will fund 60% of the construction costs and construction is planned for the year 2020. This will line up with the McKee Road reconstruction that is planned as part of the WisDOT Verona Road project, allowing the construction process to be streamlined between the 2 projects.

In 2015, the City conducted a traffic study to evaluate the future needs of McKee Road from Commerce Park Drive to Seminole Highway. The results of the study can be found here. The results of that analysis suggest maintaining a 4-lane divided roadway, but adding turn lanes at various intersections to address congestion, delay, and queuing along the corridor. 

McKee Road, also known as County Highway PD (CTH PD), serves as a minor arterial that continues east-west through the City, connecting Fish Hatchery Road (CTH D) to Verona Road (USH 18/151) and beyond into the City of Madison.The pavement condition has a PASER rating of 6 (out of 10) and continues to degrade with the increased traffic that is traveling on McKee Road due to the development activity occurring throughout the City. Also, the 2017 City of Fitchburg Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan designates McKee Road as a primary bicycle route. Due to the speed and volume of traffic on McKee Road, the project will be considering both on- and off-road accommodations for bicyclists. There are also some gaps in sidewalk that will be reviewed to consider a continuous pedestrian facility on both sides of the road. 

Based on all of the above, the primary goals for the McKee Road Reconstruction project are the following:
  • Replace deteriorating pavement
  • Incorporate intersection improvments to address current and future development and growth near the corridor
  • Provide pedestrian accommodations for the length of the project
  • Enhance bicycle accommodations along McKee Road
  • Construct a grade-separated crossing for the Badger State Trail
  • Become aware of and avoid impacts to cultural, historical, and archaeological sites