North Fish Hatchery Road Reconstruction (Design)

This is the design page of the North Fish Hatchery Road Reconstruction. The project is currently in construction and status and updates can be found on the Project's Construction Page.

Project Statement:

The North Fish Hatchery Road reconstruction project (CTH PD/McKee Road to the Beltline) is moving into final planning and design, with construction anticipated to begin in late 2019 and continue through 2021. The reconstruction will replace deteriorating pavement, retaining walls and storm sewer, and include sanitary sewer and water main repairs as needed. Additional design improvements will address intersection congestion and safety issues; improve median access locations; and make pedestrian safety upgrades. The approved design includes a new multiuse path for pedestrians and bicyclists on the west side of the road, and a higher level of decorative streetscaping at multiple locations along the corridor. The reconstruction will provide better connectivity with surrounding neighborhoods and businesses, and support economic development along the corridor.

Draft Utility Plans 5-24-2019

Plan set is broken into 5 files to allow for quicker downloads.

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

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Pavement Design Report

Pavement Resolution R-165-18

Cross Section Resolution R-209-18

Public Meeting #3 - Final Public Meeting Materials

Meeting #3 Notes

Flyer: Project Details and Construction Staging Map

Presentacion del Proyecto y Etapas Para la Construccion

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2019 - 2021 Area Road Projects Map

Public Meeting 3 Presentation

Public Meeting 3 Exhibits

Detailed Roll Plot

Latino Academy Panel Publico: North Fish Hatchery Road Reconstruccion

Presentacion del proyecto - en Espanol

Resident Panel Notes

Public Meeting #2 Materials

Public Meeting 2 Presentation

Public Meeting 2 Exhibits

North Fish Hatchery Road Roll Plot

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Public Meeting #1 Materials

Public Meeting 1 Presentation

Public Meeting 1 Exhibits

North Fish Hatchery Road Aerial Video

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