Residential Cross Connection Site Surveys

During meter installation appointments for residential homes, the city will be completing a cross-connection site survey as required by the Department of Natural Resources Code NR810.15. The city will verify that all water connections in your home, except in the kitchen and bathrooms, meet the requirements of the state plumbing code. As non-conforming connections have the potential for contaminating our water supply, homeowners will be required to correct any violations found. The city will provide vacuum breakers for non-conforming utility sinks and outside spigots at no cost. All other required corrections, identified during the survey, will be at the homeowner's expense.

If a Cross-Connection Is Found
If no cross-connections are found during the survey, the city will note that the household is in compliance and provide the homeowner with a copy of the cross-connection site survey. If a cross-connection is noted, the following steps will be taken:
  • If cross-connections can be corrected by the homeowner while the city is on-site, the city will note that the household is in compliance and provide the homeowner with a copy of the site survey.
  • If cross-connections cannot be corrected immediately, the city will provide the homeowner with a copy of the survey noting the violations that need to be corrected. The homeowner will be responsible to correct these violations and send a signed copy of the site survey back to the city stating that they have made the corrections and they are now compliant.
  • If violations have not been corrected within 30 days (the city does not receive a signed site survey certifying the violations have been corrected), the homeowner's water service may be shut off per city ordinance.
Educational Brochure
As the city will not be performing surveys for water connections in kitchen and bathrooms, an educational brochure will be provided to each homeowner for their use. Each homeowner is asked to please read through this brochure and check their kitchen and bathroom connections to ensure that they are compliant. If non-compliant connections are found, homeowners are required to make corrections per city ordinance.