Sub Zero / Stoner Prairie Stormwater Study

As Fitchburg continues to urbanize, comprehensive stormwater management strategies will become critical to mitigate and manage flooding. This is critical in the North Stoner Prairie Neighborhood, as there is no natural outlet from the area. While the individual lots within the neighborhood will be able to meet the requirements of the City's stormwater ordinance, we are concerned about development because large portions of the neighborhood drain to kettles with no natural outlets. The North Stoner Prairie Neighborhood Plan, available at the link below, sets forth concept-level ideas for how to deal with stormwater within the neighborhood; however, the ideas need to be developed more fully.

The purpose of this study is to perform a comprehensive drainage study to evaluate existing and future runoff characteristics, identify potential regional approaches to address stormwater, assess feasibility of various approaches and prepare cost estimates. The proposed approach will be permitted and fully designed as part of a future project. Final results were presented to the Committee of the Whole on Wednesday, February 24. A report summarizing study findings will be made available on this website once it has been finalized.