Faxing Using the eGoldFax Service


The eGoldFax service replaces traditional fax machines.  It allows city staff to send a fax directly from email, and provides a method to receive faxes via email, network folder, or printing.  Please read through the following instructions to familiarize yourself with the system.

Sending a Fax

You can send a fax from your city email account by entering the 10 digit fax number and @egoldfax.com into the To: field. (ex. 6085555555@egoldfax.com)  You then attach a document to the email.  Anything you enter in the subject line or the body of the email will be added to the cover sheet.  See below for a video tutorial.

Receiving a Fax

Each fax number in the City has been configured to send the incoming faxes to a certain location.  This is either an email address, a network folder, or to a specific printer. See below for a list of fax delivery locations.

Quick Start Guide

Fax Delivery Locations

Fax Delivery Locations
Fax Description Fax Number Delivery Location
City Hall 2nd Floor 608-270-4212 Printed to 2nd Floor Copier
City Hall 3rd Floor 608-270-4275 Emailed to publicworks@fitchburgwi.gov
Senior Center 608-270-4296 Printed to Senior Center Copier
Police Records 608-270-4349 Emailed to records.bureau@fitchburgwi.gov
Police Administration 608-270-4360 Emailed to dana.schmit@fitchburgwi.gov
Police Dispatch 608-270-4390 Printed to Dispatch Printer
Human Resources 608-270-4391 Emailed to sarah.olson@fitchburgwi.gov
Fire 1 608-270-7041 Emailed to fire@fitchburgwi.gov
Fire 2 608-270-7051 Emailed to fire@fitchburgwi.gov
Fire 3 608-270-7061 Emailed to fire@fitchburgwi.gov
Library 1st Floor 608-729-1767 Printed to Library 1st Floor Copier
Library 2nd Floor 608-729-1774 Printed to Library 2nd Floor Copier

Sending a Fax Video Tutorial