Street Sweeper Contest

Did you know that by keeping our streets clean, we can prevent harmful pollutants such as litter, leaves, and dirt from entering our local waterbodies? In the urban area, water that flows onto our streets is collected in an underground system of pipes known as the “storm sewer system.” Unlike our sanitary sewer system, water that flows through the storm sewer system does not go to a treatment plant before entering our local waterbodies.

This year, the City is purchasing a new street sweeper. This will double our street sweeper fleet from one to two sweepers. To celebrate, we are asking Fitchburg students (grades K-12) to submit original artwork for consideration to be displayed on the side of the new sweeper (see the image below for inspiration from Marietta, Georgia). The drawings should focus on how our street sweepers keep our waterbodies clean. Artwork will be redrawn by an artist so that it is high enough quality to display on the street sweeper.

Looking for Inspiration? Check out this webpage to take a look at some water quality-themed artwork! 

Please reach out to the Environmental Engineer, Claudia Guy, with any questions about this contest (608-270-4262, 

Marietta Sweeper