The Metro route redesign and subsequent proposals from Metro to modify routes is not related to the attachment of the Town of Madison to the cities of Madison and Fitchburg. Andrew McFadden, Fitchburg’s Transportation Engineer, has worked closely with Metro throughout the redesign process to share comments and concerns from the City of Fitchburg perspective.

Transit Network Redesign

Metro Transit is completely redesigning its service in 2023. The goal of the redesign is to provide frequent and more direct service, better access to jobs, and to make the system overall easier to use.

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Results of Fitchburg Survey

A Fitchburg sponsored survey was available through April 2021 to provide a chance to share thoughts on current and future transit service in Fitchburg. Results of the survey can be found:

What's Next?
The Madison City Council passed Metro's redesign plan on Tuesday, June 7. The next step is for their consultant to perform a Title VI analysis to determine whether or not the approved plan will have any disproportionate impacts on any particular groups. Madison staff plan on going out to a number of community events starting this summer to help get the word out and answer questions. Metro is working on individual route maps to help give people a better understanding of what their new trips might look like. 

 Upcoming events to notify the public about the changes and answer  questions are being scheduled for Summer 2022.


For more information, please contact Andrew McFadden, Transportation Engineer, at (608) 270-4261 or You may also contact the Metro Customer Service Center at 266-4466 (TTY 267-1143) or