Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update

The current 2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan was adopted in March 2017 as an update to the 2008 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The Primary goals of the Bike and Pedestrian Plan are to:

  • Expand options for walking and biking in Fitchburg
  • Connect bicycle and pedestrian facilities to local and regional facilities and neighboring communities
  • Improve networks and intersections to increase safety and comfort for all users
  • Invest in bicycle and pedestrian amenities and enhancements

Engage with residents, businesses, employers, and city employees to educate, promote and encourage biking and walking in Fitchburg

The plan development included substantial public involvement consisting of multiple public meetings, surveys, wiki maps, and outreach through various local events. The final document is a great resource to identify opportunities for bicycle and pedestrian facility improvements throughout the City.

BikePedPlan cover
bikpedplan 2008 cover

2008 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Fitchburg's original Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan was created in 2008 through a partnership of Common Council, Plan Commission, Transportation and Transit Committee, City of Fitchburg Staff, and a Bike and Pedestrian Audit Team.

This plan was designed as a long-term roadmap for bicycle and pedestrian improvements throughout Fitchburg