South Stoner Prairie Neighborhood Plan

Current phase: Existing conditions analysis

South Stoner Prairie Neighborhood Planning Area

South Stoner Prairie Future Urban Development Area Map

Situated in Fitchburg’s westernmost lands, South Stoner Prairie is what is traditionally thought of as “greenfield” development, development of land that is not already developed or proposed to be infilled. However, the South Stoner Prairie land is anything but traditional. The land in the area is predominately used for agriculture and extraction, and is sandwiched by the rural fringe, residential development, industrial development, and one of the many burgeoning employment centers of the city and region.

Starting in 2003 and leading up to a 2009 update to Fitchburg's Comprehensive Plan, the City of Fitchburg went through an intensive planning process where Fitchburg's residents, plan commission, and elected officials determined the Future Urban Development Areas (FUDAs) that would accommodate Fitchburg's growth for the next 50 years. South Stoner Prairie was designated as one of these FUDAs. The City is undergoing a neighborhood planning process to develop a vision and plan for these two neighborhoods in more detail, which will determine which areas are suitable for future development. This planning process will include establishing a plan for future growth and development, planning for a transportation system to support the community, identifying areas of conservation for protection, creating spaces for recreation and public benefit, exploring areas for expansion of urban services and utilities, and more. .

In this plan, we’ll be exploring a variety of ideas for what development of this area may look like, and what would best suit the community’s long-term vision. How would you like to see the South Stoner Prairie neighborhood accommodate Fitchburg's future development? We encourage all residents and interested community members to participate in the planning process as we navigate what comes next in this neighborhood. 

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Community Mapping Public Input

Follow this link to go to a community mapping activity for the South Stoner Prairie Neighborhood. This provides an opportunity to provide comments about the neighborhood on an interactive map. Comments about opportunities, areas for improvement, and ideas are encouraged.

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