Annual Sidewalk Replacement

Latest update: 1/29/24 - Final Assessment Hearing for 2023 Sidewalk will be held on 2/19/24 at 6 PM


The Engineering department walks one of six sidewalk zones throughout the City each year. Defective sidewalk in that zone is marked to denote the particular defect and action to be taken. Sidewalk replacements are assessed to the property owner for a percentage of the cost of the replacement, depending on a few factors. More information on assessments can be found on our Special Assessment Policies and Procedures page.

Sidewalk is replaced if it is cracked with vertical or horizontal displacement, is lifted or sunken more than 2", tilted, or has standing water. Sidewalk to be replaced is marked with a pink or white "X". Part of this cost is assessed to the property owner.

Lifted Sidewalk
Lifted Sidewalk

Cracked SidewalkCracked Sidewalk


Sidewalk that is lifted, sunken, or tilted with a vertical offset of less than 2" can be shaved to remove the vertical offset. Shaving is marked with a pink or white line. The cost for this repair is not assessed to the property owner.Shave Sidewalk

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2024 Sidewalk Replacement

2023 Sidewalk Replacement