• Engineering Achievements - Research the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century, from automobiles to water supply.
  • Famous Inventors - View an A to Z list of famous inventors.
  • How Stuff Works - Read through articles that explain how things work. Includes sections for environmental science, earth science, life science, physical science, space and much more.
  • Inventors and Inventions - Find an alphabetical list of both inventors and inventions. The list can also sorted by time, by type of invention, or by country.
  • Invent Now - View the Inventors Hall of Fame. Search or browse by name or invention for information about the inventor.
  • NASA for Students - Research science topics for grades K-12. Select your grade range, and then Homework Topics. Includes aeronautics, earth science, space science and more.
  • NASA Solar System Exploration - Find detailed information about the planets, asteroids, meteors, and meteorites, and space exploration missions.
  • Science Buddies - Find science fair project ideas and a quiz to help you choose a topic. Also has a place where you can post your science question for an expert to answer.
  • Science News for Kids - Read through articles and information on all fields of science.
  • Science Reference Center* - Search for articles and science experiments, and browse popular science books online.
*Resource provided by BadgerLink, a project of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning.