Burn Permit Regulations

BrushFireAny open, recreational, or cooking fires shall be constantly attended by a competent person until such fire is extinguished.  This person shall have a garden hose connected to a water supply or other fire-extinguishing equipment readily available for use.

Who Needs a Permit

Fitchburg residents who wish to burn approved materials, as detailed below, require a burn permit, per City Ordinance.

What You Can Burn

City Ordinance requires compliance with DNR regulations which allows for "small amounts of dry, household rubbish,...dry leaves and plant clippings." 
Check out the DNR's interactive Can I Burn? tool.
For more environmentally friendly ways to dispose of many common materials, check out these resources:

Where You Can Burn

All conditions that could cause a fire to spread to within 25 feet of a structure must be eliminated prior to ignition of the fire.

Open Burning
  • Can only be conducted outside of the urban service area (the grey shaded area)
  • Is classified as any burning that does not take place in a commercially made fire pit or outdoor fireplace.
  • Must happen at least 50 feet from any structure
Recreational Fires
  • May be conducted inside the urban service area, as long as a burn permit is obtained
  • Must be maintained in a commercially made fire pits/outdoor fireplaces
  • Must be a minimum of 25 feet from any structure  

Obtain A Permit

Contact one our firehouses at 608-270-7050 or 270-7060 to request a burn permit. Burn permits are only issued on the day that you call and are only good for that day.

For more information about safety before, during, and after open burning, visit the WI DNR Burning Permits page.