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The RDC Tech Lands was one of the first sites in Dane County to be certified by the Wisconsin Development Corporation as a Certified In Wisconsin Site. To become a certified site, the developer must meet certain criteria to be considered for the program.  Click to learn more about the Fitchburg's Certified In Wisconsin Sites Program.  This site is considered to be "shovel ready" which expedites the approval process to speed up the time to market.

Property For Lease or For Sale By Owner
The Economic Development staff works closely with its private sector partners.  There are times in which staff is aware of property or sites that aren't currently listed for sale, however the owner would entertain a sale or lease.  At any time during your search for land or a facility, do not hesitate to reach out directly to the Economic Development Department to engage their services.

Approved Plans for Future Development
The City has committed to preserving the past, planning or the future and embracing the present by using innovative land use and planning techniques.  The City's Comprehensive Plan was adopted on March 24, 2009, and updated in 2020.  The plan is reviewed yearly reviews and amendments can be submitted twice throughout the year if warranted.  Since adoption of the Comprehensive Plan, the City has worked to maintain an inventory of land for future needs.  As part of this process, the Arrowhead Redevelopment Plan, McGaw Park Neighborhood Plan, Northeast Neighborhood Plan, Anton Drive Redevelopment Plan and the North Stoner Prairie Neighborhood Plan have been completed and are amendments to the City's Comprehensive Plan.  Use this convenient link to the zoning ordinance.