Utility Billing Information

Billing Schedule

Fitchburg Utilities send bills out on a quarterly basis.  Every March, June, September and December bills are generated and you should receive your bill by the end of every billing month.  Bills are then due on the 25th of April, July, October and January.  If the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, bills are due the next business day.

Delinquent Utility Notices

Utility Rates

The most current rate information for billing purposes:

2021 Stormwater Rate Increase

2018 Sewer Rate Increase

2016 Water Rate Increase

Utility Forms

Utility Messages

Fitchburg Utilities will be enforcing the new Municipal Utility Customer Information Law 196.137(2).  The new law prohibits Fitchburg Utility to share any information about your account with anyone not listed on the exemption list.  If you are married and your spouse is not listed on the bill please contact utility at 608-270-4270 to discuss your options.

Your rights as a Water Utility Customer