Street and Park Improvements

Street Resurfacing

Street resurfacing is done annually throughout the City, usually between May and September. Streets are selected based on age, condition, as well as current and future traffic loads. Streets are added to a five year plan based on the City's Capital Improvement Plan and budget.

Residents on affected streets will be notified before construction. No Parking signs will be posted before construction starts and are generally only enforced between 7 am and 7 pm Monday thru Saturday while crews are working.

The general work sequence is:

1. Storm sewer improvements, along with possible water main or sanitary sewer work.

2. Damaged curb and gutter is removed and replaced. This may impact driveway access for up to seven days while concrete cures. Curb and gutter is no longer assessed to homeowners.

3. Existing pavement is pulverized, graded, and compacted.

4. New asphalt is installed within 10 days of pulverizing. Please limit driving on new asphalt for a few hours after it is placed. Driving on asphalt too early will cause blemishes in your new road surface.

Park System Improvements

We also resurface park paths, courts, and parking lots to save money by bundling with the larger road project.

Schedule & Plans

The City will be completing two separate resurfacing projects in 2023: the 2023 Street and Park Improvements project and the 2023 ARPA Street Improvements project. The 2023 ARPA Street Improvements project is funded with American Rescue Plan Act funds and consists of additional roads that the City would otherwise have to wait to resurface. Both projects will be advertised and bid in May 2023 and construction will take place between June and September 2023.

2023 Street and Park Improvements Plans

2023 ARPA Street Improvements Plans

 Any questions or concerns regarding this project, contact Project Engineer, Ross Kahler,, 608-270-4266.

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