Public Works


5520 Lacy Road
Fitchburg, WI 53711


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Voelker, Tim Director of Public Works/City Engineer 608-270-4261  
Schmitt, Andrea Project Engineer 608-270-4278  
Wilson, Chelsea Utility Project Engineer 608-270-4264  
Foss, Tracy Assistant Director of Public Works 608-270-4272  
Hodel, Mark Streets Supervisor 608-729-1720  
Schwingel, Barry Utility Supervisor 608-729-1730  
Uselmann, Dena Administrative Assistant 608 270-4265  
Kahler, Ross Senior Project Engineer (Transportation) 608-270-4266  
Roche, John Engineering Technician III 608-270-4277  
Schulte, Ben Senior Project Engineer (Environmental) 608-270-4262  
Laundrie, Zac Project Engineer 608-270-4263  
Schulz, Samantha Engineering Technician Trainee 608-270-4283  
Yunusov, Bakha Engineering Technician II 608-270-4287