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Online Library Card Application

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  2. How would you like to be notified about your holds?*
  3. Would you like an email reminder 2 days before your items are due?*
  4. Please add me to the library's email list:
  5. Upload a photo of your driver's license if you are 16 or older. Applicants under the age of 16 need parent or guardian's driver's license.
  6. By checking this box I understand that:*
    • I will be responsible for all materials checked out on this card, including materials checked out by others with or without my consent, unless I have previously reported the loss of my card.
    • I will report a lost or stolen card, or any change of personal information (name, address, phone, email) immediately.
    • I will comply with all library rules and policies.
    • I understand that there will be charges for overdue, lost, damaged and stolen library materials.
    • I understand that the library provides access to a broad range of resources and that it is my responsibility to judge for myself and for my children or minor dependents what resources are appropriate for my/our personal use.
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