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Police Department

  1. Active Shooter Response Training

    Use this form to request active shooter response training for your business or organization.

  2. Compliment a Department Member

    Use this form to compliment or commend a member of the department.

  3. Police Department Policy Feedback Form

    Please use this form to submit your feedback regarding the police department policies made available for public review and comment.

  4. Ride Along Request Form

    Submit a request to participate in the ride along program.

  5. Website Comments/Suggestions

    Use this form to provide feedback for the Police Department website.

  1. Citizen Complaint Statement

    Use this form to file a formal complaint regarding a department member. Anonymous complaints are not accepted.

  2. General Concern

    Use this form to report a general concern to the Police Department if you are unable to find a form specific to your concern in the... More…

  3. Records Request

    Complete this form to request a copy of a police report. Traffic accident reports can be obtained via

  4. Vacation Watch Request

    Complete this form to request a vacation watch of your residence while you are out of town.